Apple iPhone – Tussle of the giants

Apple is out with its latest and probably I would say the best offering of this year. You know it, Steve Jobs announced the iPhone with much pompous and exuberance. It is indeed a revolutionary phone, looking dead sexy and providing the best and the most unimaginable features you have till now witnessed.


It will definitely raise the benchmarks of the mobile industry and I guess in the coming years a touch screen would no longer be a novelty. I had thought previously about a mobile which would not have a keypad since everything can be done via software, but had dismissed the concept as it would be possible, but out of reach of the common man. Once I have seen the iPhone which is surprisingly around $499 with a 4GB memory and the much applauded multi-touch screen, I can now start dreaming of something even more larger than life. Maybe a umm…iWatch, so that I don’t have to strap on a mobile on my jeans or tuck it into my pocket. Is Steve listening?

Well I think now that he has launched a magnum opus he will have to work hard doing rounds of law courts following the case of Cisco suing Apple over its trademarked product of the same name. It was only last year that the $100 million settlement had happened, when Creative had sued Apple for use of the Zen interface in its iPod. I sense that Apple’s woes won’t end easily with that. For a little amusement I was just trying out which other claims might be possible over here. I thought Steve must have purchased the domain with the name “iphone”, but to my surprise the website exists, but belongs to another firm named as “Nuvio” which offers a service of iPhone.

iPhone website

Thankfully, it isn’t another mobile, just a voice over IP facility. But the domain name still clashes with Apple’s product. I don’t have much knowledge on the legal issues, but on a lighter note it might be a small hindrance to iPhone’s fame. I am saying this because; Apple has taken the domain under its hood. This would certainly make one believe that the dot com domain should be of Apple’s too. But it is not!

Is there possibility of yet another legal battle of Apple vs. the rest? Time will tell. Till then think about it and let me know, while I drool over the new Apple gizmo. 🙂

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