Firefox 2.0 – Winner Of The Browser Wars

My favorite browser in its version 2.0 provides much more than one could ask for. Firefox 2.0 comes up with some even more powerful features than it already had and even more number of exciting add-ons for a all in one kind of a application feeling. I wont list out the features here as the Mozilla guys have done it pretty well in thier release notes.

The things to which I appreciate in the new Firefox is the session storage. It’s of a tremendous usage in daily works that if ever your browser were to close down somehow either due to an abnormal shutdown your session would be restored the next time you open your browser. It means that now, you dont have to bear the brunt if ever you forgot to bookmark a page if you have opened it and in case your system crashed or you wear typing out some details in a form when the firefox got restarted. The next time you open your browser all tabs with all the information filled in the forms would be restored.

The best thing of Firefox 2.0 is about Google Suggest being embedded into the small search bar at the top. It gives you a list of frequently searched keywords based on the keys you input into it. The search is done realtime as you type. This applies to other search engines as well as stated in their release notes. Feeds user’s like me have plenty of options in Firefox 2.0 as it gives you option to directly store the feed in Google Reader, My Yahoo or Bloglines in addition to the Live Bookmarks as in the earlier Firefox versions.

Firefox is now shipped with an inbuilt spell checker for forms. Whenever you type any kind of information in a form Firefox checks the spelling and underlines whenever it finds a wrong word. You don’t have to do the spell checking from the site’s spell checker or any of the tools. This utility saves a lot of your time while typing as you are alerted as you keep typing.

Firefox 2.0 supported all the extensions I already had in v 1.5 and now it has combined the earlier “Extensions” and “Themes” dialogs to a single dialog box called “Add-ons” which is more convenient to work with. The add-ons range is so very vaste that using Firefox 2.0 is like having the best time of your internet browsing experience. Ill be soon writing a post about my favorite add-ons sometimes later. Keep watching my space!!

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