Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 – Nothing Special

Microsoft has borrowed a lot of stuff in tits and bits from everywhere and has packaged into the form of Internet Explorer 7. I have got the RC1 and the first impressions of IE7  came in front of me as a mixture of Opera interface combined with some of Mozilla Firefox features. The features that I have found added to over IE6 are:

  1. Introduction of tabs – The most irritating feature in the tabs is that if ther is a single tab the cross mark to close it is not visible (i.e you ougt to close the window!!). Mozilla handles this very well in a way that it shows tabs only when there is more than one tab which is more smarter. In IE7 you would definitely start searching for the close button when only one tab is present
  2. Glossy interface (looks more like Opera to me) – not needed at all since it is the culprit for literally sucking memory from your RAM.
  3. Anti phishing (not tried it out yet)
  4. Improvised feed processing and access– Being a mozilla user and using its simplified feed access techniques I found this in IE7 out to be little more than useless. For reading a feed you have to click on the feed and then it loads up in a page. I use mozilla Firefox with Sage extension for reading feeds and I am more comfortable in it.
  5. Tiled collection of open pages (not found in any other browsers) – this is definitely king size in memory consumption. I couldnt believe my eyes when I found my mouse pointer going in a frame by frame motion in the tiled mode and to talk about my system running on 1.5GHz with 384 MB DDR RAM !!

Memory Consumption – I tried single instance of browser with an empty page and made a comparison

  • IE6 – 16 to 18 MB
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5 – 20 to 21 MB (even two tabs took 24 MB)
  • IE7 RC1 – a whopping 40 MB and 47 MB for two tabs and 50 MB in tiled mode

The annoying thing about using IE 7 is there is no menu bar in the default view. People who have become used to the menu bar for common tasks would surely be left in wonderland !! For that you have to enable it appears beneath the address bar which is again a pain in the eye.

I guess only using only these features I feel like reverting back to Mozilla beacuse I am confident none can beat it be it in the number of extensions beign developed or the number of custom search engines. Mozilla Rulez!!

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