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Firefox 2.0 – Winner Of The Browser Wars

Posted on October 29th, 2006 in Firefox, Reviews | 1 Comment »

My favorite browser in its version 2.0 provides much more than one could ask for. Firefox 2.0 comes up with some even more powerful features than it already had and even more number of exciting add-ons for a all in one kind of a application feeling. I wont list out the features here as the Mozilla guys have done it pretty well in thier release notes.

The things to which I appreciate in the new Firefox is the session storage. It’s of a tremendous usage in daily works that if ever your browser were to close down somehow either due to an abnormal shutdown your session would be restored the next time you open your browser. It means that now, you dont have to bear the brunt if ever you forgot to bookmark a page if you have opened it and in case your system crashed or you wear typing out some details in a form when the firefox got restarted. The next time you open your browser all tabs with all the information filled in the forms would be restored.

The best thing of Firefox 2.0 is Read the rest of this entry »

BEA Aqualogic Data Services Platform – First Glimpse

Posted on October 16th, 2006 in Web Services, XML | 1 Comment »

Working on the BEA Aqualogic Data Services Platform 2.5 (AL-DSP) over the BEA Weblogic 8.1 has widened my imagination of web technology to even more higher levels. It has given me a confidence that I can now say the future of the newly emerging technologies is simply unimaginable. In the earlier few months of this year I was working on JAXB which was a one of a kind object oriented XML parser provided in the JWSDP 2.0 J2EE web services packages by Sun Microsystems. It made me aware how to go about working with XML, XSD and some amount of XPATH.

BEA AL-DSP 2.5 takes it more further ahead by leaps and bounds utilising all the power of XML communication and combines the usage of XML, XSD, XPATH and XQUERY to give a complete package which can be used as a whole new kind of abstraction layer which can amalgamate data from different kind of data sources. The data sources which can be used to collect data in DSP is currently from JDBC sources, Web services, JAVA functions, XML data and Delimited (CSV) formatted data.

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 – Nothing Special

Posted on October 15th, 2006 in Reviews, Windows | 2 Comments »

Microsoft has borrowed a lot of stuff in tits and bits from everywhere and has packaged into the form of Internet Explorer 7. I have got the RC1 and the first impressions of IE7  came in front of me as a mixture of Opera interface combined with some of Mozilla Firefox features. The features that I have found added to over IE6 are:

  1. Introduction of tabs – The most irritating feature in the tabs is that if ther is a single tab the cross mark to close it is not visible (i.e you ougt to close the window!!). Mozilla handles this very well in a way that it shows tabs only when there is more than one tab which is more smarter. In IE7 you would definitely start searching for the close button when only one tab is present
  2. Glossy interface (looks more like Opera to me) – not needed at all since it is the culprit for literally sucking memory from your RAM.
  3. Anti phishing (not tried it out yet)
  4. Improvised feed processing and access– Being a mozilla user and using its simplified feed access techniques I found this in Read the rest of this entry »